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Why become a Simplaa driver?

Whether you want to drive for a few hours occasionally or want to earn money more frequently, with Simplaa you can fit driving around your schedule.

Drive and earn when you like

Earn during evenings and weekends, or make more money by driving more frequently. It’s up to you.

A reliable source of income

You’ll receive orders from our large network of riders anytime you’re online.

Weekly payouts

Receive your earnings at the end of each week. There are no hidden subscription fees and you’ll only pay commission on your earnings.

Get started

1. Sign up online-Get  N7,500

Tell us which city you'd like to drive in and the type of licence you have. We'll email you with the next steps.

2. Upload your documents

The documents needed to drive on the Simplaa platform can vary depending on your location.

3. Rent a vehicle

If you don't have access to a car, we can connect you with a fleet partner who will offer you a vehicle to drive.

How the Simplaa Driver app works

Reliable and easy to use, with everything you need to drive and earn when you want.

  1. Accept a ride request
    The Simplaa Driver app will automatically find passengers for you.


  2. Pick up your passenger
    The app will guide you to your passenger’s location. Once there, pick them up.


  3. Drive to their destination
    Follow the directions to their destination and swipe to end the ride when you get there.


  4. Repeat to earn more money
    Keep driving and earning or go offline — you’re always in full control of your schedule.


Frequently asked questions from Drivers

Do I need a smartphone to drive with Simplaa?

You should have a smartphone that runs at least Android 9.0 or iOS 14. If you don’t have a smartphone, our team can advise you on a budget Android phone that you'll need to use the Simplaa Driver app.

Is driving with Simplaa a good side hustle?

The advantage of driving on the Simplaa platform is that you can make money on your schedule — which makes it the perfect side hustle. There are no minimum hours, drive all week or just in the evenings or at weekends. Earn extra income whenever you need it. You’re the boss!

How do I get paid for driving with Simplaa?

Our payment cycle runs from Monday 00:00 to the following Sunday at 23:59, after which you’ll receive a balance statement. If you’re due a payout, you’ll receive it on a weekly basis — no need to wait until the end of the month.


Be your own boss.
Start driving and earning!

It takes just 2 minutes to submit your information.

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