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Simplaa Franchise is available for Region, State or National operations of the world emerging Ride-Hailing App that is committed to Making Transport Simple forever.

We are open to working with franchisees of the same growth mindset and commitment to the great Simplaa vision.

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Make money with zero investment

Why Simplaa Franchise?

Simplaa is committed to extending the great transport vision across the world, such that worldwide transportation becomes seamless and made simple forever.

Become part of this great transport revolution

Prompt and Professional Setup to hit the ground running

Dominate the transport industry in your Country or City.


Due to the level of competence and excellence that Simplaa offers in the industry, we do require very reputable associates to manage and drive our franchises across the world. 

Impressive Reputation

Simplaa quest to maintain the highest reputation in the industry across the world cannot be compromised, Therefor, any interested Franchisee would be vetted on his past and the previous reputation in the community he served over the years.

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Dedication and commitment to Simplaa Vision

Interested participants are expected to be committed to Simplaa dream to transform the transport industry forever.

Excellence-Oriented mindset

Simplaa means Simplicity + Excellence. We expect any interested Franchisee to adopt the same motivation to achieve the same goal in any environment they serve.

Huge Network of Local Contacts

If the desire to grow exponentially is backed up with great contacts, maintained by excellent services, the sky becomes our limit..

Financial Capacity

Every business investment requires funding. Therefore, the financial capacity and credibility of any participant are properly proven before onboarding.

Think you're good to go?

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