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£50K Bounce Back Credit for PCO Drivers 

The first 1,000 Drivers to join the platform benefit from this credit to help them get back to work.



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New Features

The taxi app with difference.

Recharge & Pay Commission

Recharge and pay for cash job commission using wallet immediately after completion.

Transfer Credit

Send or Receive credit from friends in case your balance is low whilst on job.

No Show Pay

Get paid for no show jobs if customer does not turn up.

Work Full/Part Time

Have full control over your working hours. Choose to work when its convenient for you

Low Commission

One of the best competitive commission payable by drivers.


Daily Airport Jobs

Get More airport jobs in your area from the bidding platform

Get Paid by Card

Did you know you could get paid your account earnings days after your job has been completed?

Get Paid Cash

You can have acces to cash payment as our riders also pay cash.

Fast Bank Withdraw

Withdraw funds to bank within 3 working days.

Wallet Top Up

Enables you to receive cash jobs on the go. Your commission will be deducted from your wallet immediately after the trip is completed.

Please Note: A minimum balance is required before you can accept cash jobs.

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Transfer Credit

Send or Receive credit from friends in case your balance is low. Never miss a job again.

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Become a Simplaa Driver today if you have the following:


✓ V5 Document


✓ Car Insurance

✓ Private Hire Vehicle License


✓ Driver License

✓ Photo

✓ National Insurance

✓ Private Hire License 

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How To Become A Simplaa Driver

Joining the Simplaa Driver team is just that simple.


Cover quality trips from decent riders. Earn extra cash smartly while driving with Simplaa. Get paid faster and on time for all account trips.

Driving Service
Daily Airport Jobs

Simplaa offers all our drivers the opportunity to cover airport jobs in their areas.

Young Driver
Get Paid Weekly

Request for account earnings payment and get paid 3 working days later.

Yen Bills
Riders Also Pay Cash

There is no commission on tips. They are yours to keep.

Frequently asked questions

What is Simplaa App For?

Is the App downloadable from all stores?

Yes Simplaa Driver App is available on the Play store for Andriod phones and available on Apple store for IOS

Can I view my job history?

Yes, but you need to be activated first and must do at least one job to view the history.

Can I receive jobs on App without full registration?

No, Your App needs to be activated to receive jobs. We require your valid PCO and Vehicle documents for registration before activation.

About Registering As Simplaa Drivers

Who can join Simplaa Drivers Platform?

Only the PCO Licensed private hire drivers are eligible to join Simplaa Drivers platform. Drivers are required to have valid PCO drivers' licences including their vehicle and insurance documents to register.

How long does it take to join?

Drivers can start immediately they have been interviewed, registered and received the standard training course. This can take a few hours to achieve.

Are you taking drivers now?

Yes, we have a vacancy for only 200 drivers until the end of September 2020. Next intake session will be 150 drivers starting from 1st week of December 2020.

How can I register to join?

To join, you need to go to enter your details and our recruitment team will contact you shortly for an appointment and training on how to use Simplaa App.

What documents are required to register?

To join, you need to go to enter your details and our recruitment team will contact you shortly for an appointment and training on how to use Simplaa App.

How do I submit subsequent documents when it expires?

You will receive notifications of all document's expiration a few days before they expire. You will be required to scan the new original copy and send to remember to mark the subject with your "Driver ID" or else it won't be traced.

Do I have to attend an interview?

Yes, you are required to bring along with you, all valid PCO and vehicle documents to attend an interview. A date and venue will be sent to you. Please try to be on time. Always contact us in good time if you wish to cancel an appointment so that others can utilise the space.

Is there a Driver training session before joining?

Yes a training session will be conducted immediately after the interview. This usually takes about 25 mins. Please allow more time to spend on your interview date.

Do I have to pay any deposit before joining?

No deposit is required to join, but you will need to top up a minimum "start-up credit" onto your App before you will be activated.

Why must I have a Startup Credit?

Due to our unique model of operations, our cash jobs commissions and other system charges will automatically be debited from the driver's credit balance after each transaction. We want to make sure our drivers don't have to accumulate their cash jobs commission payment before the week runs out. Every transaction is transparently treated and cleared before every job is even completed.

About the Jobs

What types of jobs are available on this App?

You will receive Street to Street on-demand rides but majority Airport and Hotel transfer Jobs from the App. Distant and As Directed (AD) jobs are also available most times. We have shorter journeys and street to street jobs.

What is an average job earning value?

Average Saloon Car Airport transfer job earnings are about £40 per job, but jobs of £80 -£200 values and above are most likely to be found in the bidding room if you visit the platforms regularly.

What do I do if there is No Show?

Please use the "No Show" button to notify the call centre. We will immediately investigate the issue there and then.

Do I get paid for No show Pickups?

Yes you will get paid for account "No Show" jobs if it is confirmed to be passengers' fault for the no show. You may also get paid for cash "No Show" jobs only if our legal team manage to retrieve payment from the passenger. This may take some months to conclude.

About Vehicle Requirements

What types of vehicle do you accept in your fleet?

Our Car Types are (1) Simplaa Eco - Saloon e.g. Prius
(2) Simplaa Eco X - MPV 6 e.g. Ford Galaxy
(3) Simplaa Eco XL - MPV 8 e.g. VW Transporter
(4) Simplaa Exec - Executives e.g. Mercedes S class and BMW,
(5) Simplaa M Bus - 12-Seater Min Buses e.g. Mercedes Sprinter.

Can I register to drive more than one vehicle with Simplaa?

Yes, you can register as many vehicles as you wish to drive if they have the valid required documents that make you eligible to drive those.

What is the minimum vehicle age in your fleet?

Vehicles from 2015 and above

Do you require company car drivers?

Yes, we require full-time company drivers to drive our fleet of cars and executive cars.

Do you have vehicles to rent?

Yes, we offer cheap car rental facilities through our subsidiary agency.

About the Shift Pattern

What hours can I work?

Simplaa Driver's platform offers 24hr open shift pattern. You are free to sign in and out to work, bid for jobs or perform some transactions in your App anytime.

Can I do part-time work?

Yes, you can even work for other companies and still bid or cover jobs from our platform to make extra income and reduce unwanted dead mileage every day.

How many jobs can I do in a week if am full time?

It depends on your ability to work. Fulltime drivers averagely cover up to 3 Airport, 4 hotel jobs and few local on-demand rides a day.

About Dress Codes

Can I work with Jeans and T-shirts?

Yes, you can but make sure it is always clean and tidy.

Can I wear suits and ties?

Yes, it is preferable to dress smart. All our passengers are very professionally responsible riders and would treat you with respect if they find you more professional than the other Minicab Cowboys. Please expect more Tips and high return booking demand from our passengers if you continue to dress smartly.

Do I get punished if passenger claims am rude?

Every case of abuse or rudeness to passengers or our call centre staff will be investigated. We take rudeness and abuse of any kind while on duty very seriously. We will dismiss and may use our legal department to prosecute any driver whose performance record consistently shows such behaviour.

Payments and Charges

Do you have rent or commission-based charges?

We have only commission-based charges on every job.

Is there any booking fee charges?

No, all jobs are commission pay only. Pay as complete.

What is the General commission charge per job?

All jobs are charged 18.5% commission after deducting car park fee wherever applicable.

When do I pay the cash job commission?

Your app automatically deducts your commission from your wallet balance each time you complete a cash booking.

Do I pay Acc job commission from my Credit Balance?

No, the system automatically deducts that from the fare value once a job is completed and you would be credited with the balance on the payday

When do I get paid for account jobs?

Account jobs are paid weekly every Monday by BAGS, although you can still get paid the same day if you are willing to pay 5% surcharge for early Account earnings withdrawal.

Can I withdraw my Account earnings the same day?

Yes, you can make an instant withdrawal of the accounts earning from your App dashboard. To withdraw, you need to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

What is the withdrawal threshold amount?

The withdrawal threshold amount must be up to £80 to qualify for instant withdrawal. You can withdraw anytime by clicking on "withdrawable" from your settlement dashboard.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

There are no maximum amounts to withdraw. You can withdraw all earning at once, as far as you have attained the required threshold amount. You can also withdraw earnings in bits once the balance remains above the required threshold amount.

Is there any minimum amount I can withdraw?

No, there is no minimum amount required. You are only required to reach the withdrawal threshold amount to enable you to effect any withdrawal

About App Credit Top Up

How can I top up my credit balance?

You need to register a credit /debit card or Paypal account in your App wallet so you can top up credit easily.

How much can I top up?

You are required to top up a minimum start-up credit of £75 when you register and then top up any amount subsequently. The maximum top up your account can take is £150. The system advises you about any remaining balances and the possible minimum top-up amount required at any time.

When will my credits be debited?

Your credit will be debited each time you transfer credit, pay commissions or pay charges to the system penalties.

Can I withdraw my credit balance?

No, credit balances are not withdrawable into your bank account until your termination notice is processed and approved.

Can I transfer my credit to anyone?

Yes, you can transfer credits to friends.

Can I receive credit from someone too?

Yes, Friends can transfer credits to you as well.

Where can I top up in my App?

You can to top up credit from your App wallet using credit card/Paypal or request friendly credit transfer from others.
About Passenger Pickups (Airports)

Do I have to do Meet & Greet for all Airport pickups?

Yes, Name board and Meet & Greet procedure are required at all times for our Airport Pickups unless otherwise changed by the passenger.

Do you provide the Airport Pick up Board?

Yes, this will be provided to you after your interview is successful.

Do I have to pay for the pickup board?

No, but you are required to return it once you give a termination notice otherwise you will be charged from your credit balance if it remains unreturned.

About Referrals

Can I recommend a friend?

Yes, you can use your App referral button to recommend friends as riders or drivers on your Skype, WhatsApp, email and phone contact lists.

How much do I get from each referral?

You will get £20 once each driver referral you make becomes active in our system