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Do you experience a shortage of drivers to cover your jobs sometimes?


Simplaa Partners with local cab operators and their drivers with a valid council permit to deposit advance jobs into our platform and get paid commission on every completed job.


Earn up to:

£2,500 /month

Call Center Employee

Make money with zero investment

How Does It Work?

Use the Simplaa platform to send bookings that you are unable to cover. Make commission on every job you offload into our system using your approved dashboard that is provided free of charge.

Register to get an approved dashboard

Send jobs to our platform using your dashboard

You will receive commission every completed ride.

Our Operator Partners

Minicab Offices | Chauffer Operators | Limo Operators 

Top Benefits

SIMPLAA owns a rapidly expanding network of drivers and operators to ensure that any job deposited into our system is always successfully taken care of.

Jobs Covered

100% Customer satisfaction by when you use Simplaa Drivers on our platform to cover your advanced or late jobs.

Get Free Dashboard with tracking

See live progress of your jobs as they are being covered.

Make money with zero investment

Receive up to 10% commission on every job completed on our platform. All payments are paid monthly and on time.

What makes our service exceptional

We complete over 1000 city rides daily for 100+ operators across the world with 99% on-time pickups.


We use a very transparent payment system to help you keep track of all your commissions and transfers you’ve booked through us.

Imagine 10 transfers a week

At average transfer rate of £70 per transfer. Total £700 per week worth of minicab booking

Imagine 5 returns on the above

at average transfer rate of £70 per transfer. Total £350 additional per week worth of minicab booking

Imagine £270 a week

Total £1350 per week worth of minicab booking with 20% commission paid to you would amount to £270 with zero investment - cumulative payments are made monthly directly to your account

Did you know you can join in 3 simple steps?

By signing up onto our platform, you are due to be appointed a dedicated account manager who will train you on how to use the dashboard. Your only a couple steps away from making sure your customers are never late again.

Register An Account

Registration is simple to be completed through our online site. Please keep handy your business operator licence certificates.

Arrange a Training Date

On your training date, we will deploy your account manager to visit your business premises and conduct training on how to use the system.

Start Making Money

Make your first booking using the dashboard and expect your first payout to your bank account monthly.


We offer a wide range of vehicles to accommodate any form of transport requirements from our clients.

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