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Recharge & Pay for Ride

Simplaa recharges and pay for rides option is a new payment system and the first of its kind adopted in the rides and transfer industry. This is a special feature introduced by Simplaa to wipe off the horrible experience of credit card overcharges riders have been experiencing with other operators App.

Using a credit card to make payments all the time can be very risky and unsecured. That is why Simplaa wallet is designed to help riders top-up credits and pay for rides securely instead of registering their card details permanently in the App.

Interestingly the Simplaa went extra miles to offer additional £2 bonus credit on every £20 top-up riders make. To top-up, go to your App wallet and select recharge.

Always say no to credit card overcharge and enjoy the smarter way to pay for rides.

Love Simplaa-Love your Ride-Tell a Friend.

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Credit Transfer

Simplaa App is fully loaded with exciting features that makes rides and transport payment even simpler.


The transfer of Simplaa credit is the best payment solution ever designed for friends and family with limited options to pay for rides sometimes.  A lot of people have missed their appointments because they had no cash nor credit card to pay for their rides for so many reasons. However, paying for rides should not be limited with options, hence the need to introduce the Recharge and transfer of App credit for rides payment.


Friends and families can now send and receive credits to top up their balances in the Simplaa wallet App. They can now be on the move without waiting to have physical cash or acquire a solvent credit card before they can order a card.

Simplaa did not only simplify the payment option but has resolved the long-waited issue faced by many in the transport industry.

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